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Go For Launch!


Mars (PA)

June 24 - 26, 2024

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Sponsor Go For Launch! to Mars (PA)

In-Flight Learning Virtual Series

A virtual speaker series to educate students on

  • what science can be done,

  • what it is like to operate experiments on the ISS, and

  • what participation in the Go For Launch! program has been like.

In-flight learning virtual events

Series will available through Mars Robotics youTube channel

Feb. 21 - What have we learned from Mars exploration?  A virtual reality experience,

Dr. Jim Green, former Chief Scientist, NASA, now Chief Scientist, Metavisionaires

This will be live VR experience utilzing the Engage application.  Link to the live experience will be posted.

Apr. ’24 - Low-earth science,

Dr. Tara Ruttley, Chief Scientist, Orbital Reef, Boeing – Blue Origin

May '24 - How are experiments operated on the ISS,

Capt. Wendy Lawrence, retired astronaut

May ‘24 – What competing in the Go For Launch! program is like,

Previous student winners of the Go For Launch! program

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