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Length and cost for each camp is listed with camp specifics below. 


Rocketry & Martian Rover
Robotics Camp

July 22-26

$250 per camper

4th - 8th grade

Join us for a fun and exciting GIRLS ONLY Robotics summer camp! Upon arrival, gear up with LEGO robotics to traverse the Martian terrain, uncovering its mysteries and secrets. Ignite your imagination while learning to build and launch rockets. With Girls only teams we can work together, make lasting friendships, and develop critical thinking skills essential for our mission’s success.

Butler Eagle - Aldrin Map with 2023 rovers.png

Rocketry & Martian Rover
Exploration Camp

July 29-Aug 2

$250 per camper

4th - 8th grade

Embark on an electrifying journey this summer, where young adventurers become cosmic pioneers! Dive headfirst into the thrilling world of rocketry, igniting your imagination as you learn to build and launch rockets destined for the red planet. Upon arrival, gear up with LEGO robotics to traverse the Martian terrain, uncovering its mysteries and secrets. But the true magic lies in teamwork and critical thinking, essential skills for mission success. This summer the universe is your playground, and with every challenge conquered, you'll soar to new heights, discovering the boundless wonders of space exploration!

Leonardo da Vinci Exploration
Summer Camp


August 12-16

$250 per camper

4th - 8th grade

Held at Glade Run Church, Middlesex Township, PA

With author, Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

Explore the art, technology, and experiences of Leonardo da Vinci. This camp focuses on teaching kids all about art, life sciences, and engineering. Join us and expand your mind as we dive into the incredible mind of world-famous Leonardo da Vinci.

In this camp, we will utilize the life and exploration of Leonardo da Vinci as a STEAM innovator to engage students in activities that develop their STEAM skills. Through the artistic, life-science, and technological activities, students will develop into pioneers of STEAM in the future of our world.

A Friday field trip is being discussed, will update with info if approved!

Camp Information

We welcome students in grades 4th-8th to immerse themselves in a Mars Robotics summer camp full of fun and learning.  

Times: All camps will run from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Drop off time:  8:30 - 9:00 AM Pick up time:  4:00 - 4:30 PM. Early drop or late pick up are available for $30 each period independent of the length but must be approved at least 24 hrs. in advance. Early drop off 7:30 AM - Late pick up by 5:30 PM.


Lunch/Snack: Campers are asked to pack a lunch and water bottle for each day, except for the last day of camp, we will be having a pizza party!  Campers will be provided with a snack each day, so please let us know of any food allergies.


Cost: The fee per week-long camp is $250 for full week.  Includes daily snacks, a camp t-shirt, and project materials/equipment.

Registration: Mars Robotics Summer Camp registration is now open, click below to register ! Limited spots are available for each camp – register early! 

Volunteer Information

In order to run a wonderful camp experience we will need the help of volunteers, please register below to be apart of these great Mars Robotics camps!  

Parents Volunteers

Those willing to help supervise and coordinate items and lunch time, will get a discount.

  • PA clearances must be turned into Mars Robotics.

  • Must apply via the registration form and be approved for this role.

  • Must pay full registration; once approved a refund will be given.

Student counselors - 10th grade and higher

  • PA clearances are required.

  • Must apply and be approved for this role.

  • Interview may be required if we are not familiar with the student.

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