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FIRST® Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge is way more than building robots.

FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics competition for grades 7-12th, where students design, build, and program robots to compete. At competitions, teams must work together to earn the most points for their alliance on the game field. Running an FTC team is like running a business, as students must also learn time management, leadership skills, fundraising, and how to recruit students and mentors. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged, as anyone can find something to work on, even if it’s not directly involved with the robot.

Ingenuity team 2023-24.png

FIRST encourages participants to go beyond the robot competition. Teams get involved in their local community, participating in local events, volunteering, or even hosting FIRST competitions themselves. This is why everyone can find their spot on a team, as skills across all fields are needed. Besides interests in hardware or software, like CAD design, wiring, metalworking, coding, and others, students can experiment with videography, graphic design, public speaking, and more.

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