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Welcome to Go For Launch! To Mars (PA), an engaging learning series designed to spark student's interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), teamwork, communication, and leadership. Scheduled from June 24-26, 2024, the program offers high school age students the opportunity to engage in a transformative 3-day program, where they will develop their own innovative experiments for the International Space Station. 

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The Go For Launch! To Mars (PA) learning series goes beyond just a 3-day program, with a series of educational, space exploration centered events scheduled leading up to the hands-on program. The educational experience begins with the Countdown Breakfast in February, continues with a virtual In-Flight Learning Series throughout the spring, and culminates in several in-person events held throughout June.

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The Countdown Breakfast was an In-person event for high school students held on Feb. 8, 2024. The event featured presentations from several STEAM professionals, including Siri Maley and Raewyn Duvall (Carnegie Mellon University) and Michelle Lucas (Higher Orbits). Click above to watch the Countdown Breakfast recording.

The In-Flight Learning Series is a virtual series, with episodes airing from February to May of 2024. The series will consist of several educational episodes, focused on providing insights into the scientific possibilities in space. Click above to view the series schedule and watch episodes.

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Go For Launch! To Mars (PA) is the in-person, 3-day program, scheduled from June 24-26, 2024. For more information on the program, click the link above.

The Martians and Earthlings Meet n Greet is a public event that will be held on June 25, 2024. Click above for more information on this event.

The Red Planet Awards Ceremony is a public event that will be held on June 26, 2024, celebrating the achievements of the students that participated in the Go For Launch! To Mars (PA) program. Click above for more information.

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Explore the links below for detailed information on each segment of the program and join us in inspiring the next generation of innovators and explorers. Scan the QR codes to register for the event or contact us!


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